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Pension scheme administration is at the heart of what we do and has been our passion. Trustees are not expected to be professional administrators; we come in to provide service and advice to ensure the trustees fulfil their obligations. We are proud of our record of accomplishment in scheme administration services.


  • We work with trustees to develop robust migration and implementation plans
  • We use market leading technology to provide high quality pensions administration service.
  • Our solutions cater for all types of schemes: DB, DC and Gratuities.
  • We build solid relationships by communicating consistently with members throughout the whole pension life cycle.
  • Our regular reports detail client scheme operations and compliance to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We provide relevant advice to trustees on exercising discretions.


  • We provide our clients with a fully tailored service. From ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data in the initial stages of scheme migration, to the day-to-day administration of a scheme, and providing members with 24/7 access to their data.

Our administration solutions give our clients the confidence and security that their members are being well cared for, enabling them to focus on their core business activity